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How About Yoonla CPA

Full Review About Yoonla-CPA

I came across Yoonla after reviewing another product recently and I thought the pitch was interesting, so I decided to take a closer look.
According to the Who.Is database, the domain for this platform was registered by Reno Van Boven back in 2009 however, the platform was officially launched in September of 2016. Not sure what that's about.
Anyways, many people seem interested in this and I was curious so I signed up to see what all the fuss was about. Let's see how it stacks up...

What Is Yoonla?

Basically, it's a platform that shows complete beginners how to make money online with CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. CPA is only a type of showcasing that pays you without making a deal.
For example, when someone fills out a web form through your unique link, you get paid a few bucks depending on the individual CPA offer. This form of marketing has been around for many years and can absolutely create a legitimate income for those willing to learn the ropes.
In addition to a respectable training system showing you how to make money with CPA and affiliate marketing, you get a bunch of cool bonuses like lead capture pages, digital products to give to subscribers and other tools to help you make money. All of which is 100% free for life.

How Can Everything Be Free?

If you are wondering how on earth this could all be free and how Reno still makes money, you are not alone. Rest assured, there is a legit reason for this and understanding this concept is worthwhile because you will see how this is beneficial for everyone involved.
You see, getting training is one thing, but to be successful you need to take massive action, which  means having the right tools to get the job done. Reno demonstrates to you the instruments he utilizes and prescribes in his online organizations and makes a commission when you buy those devices through his connections.
This is a legitimate method of marketing, I personally make money as an affiliate by recommending quality products and services online as do many others. Purchasing the products through his affiliate links does not make them more expensive and they are of a very high quality. These are also very fair priced deals and tools you really will want as an online business owner.
It appears just as paid participations will be presented eventually and some addittional preparing/items not far off that do cost cash will be advertised. Not to mention this training shows you how to promote Yoonla itself which means when you win, so does he.
Anyways, I thought it was important to explain this as I always like to know how the 'other guy' benefits from a given transaction. I'll show you what each of these products are below and how much they cost so you know what to expect.

Overview Of The 'Foundation' Training

In this section I'll run through the free "foundation" training steps inside the platform. I can safely say that the training you get here for free rivals MANY of the programs I have paid for over the years so it's worth taking advantage of while it's on the table.

Step 1 | Preparation

This video gives you an overview of the system and shows you how to sign up to an email autoresponder called GetResponse (GR). You don't have to use this service but it's a good service and it works perfectly within the scope of this system.
I for one utilize Aweber, yet for following this preparation I sprinkled out on the fundamental $15 every month participation. I've been wanting to test out GR for a while now so this was the perfect excuse for me to give it a crack.
There's also some kind of 'free marketing campaign' Reno gives you if you sign up to a paid GR membership through him and some kind of automated integration with the API key. I managed to set everything up without using the API key so I'm not sure what that's about yet and the marketing campaign hasn't started yet either. Early days though, I will update when I know more about this.
You just need the fundamental enrollment to begin, yet the cost for GR goes between $15 - $799 every month. In contrast with different suppliers, this is sensible. In comparison to other providers, this is reasonable.
Update: I emailed Reno about the 'free marketing campaign' and the API thing. His group really setup your battle for you without charge in the event that you utilize GetResponse yet I had officially done it so there was no need. This is pretty cool for beginners though as it takes all of the guesswork out of setting things up. He also put 14 subscribers on my email list for zero cost which is pretty insane value considering all I have done is create a free account and purchased an autoresponder membership (tool I use anyway).

Step 2 | Getting Your Capture Pages Setup

This video walks you through the steps of getting your lead capture pages setup. There are numerous ways you can do this, yet Reno demonstrates to you an exceptionally straightforward and powerful strategy that won't burn up all available resources. The basic elements you need to make this work are a domain name, hosting and the files to upload onto your hosting server which make your lead capture pages visible.
Sounds like a bit of a nightmare right?
Thankfully, he recommends a service called "iPage" which gives you a domain name and hosting for $1.95 per month which is rock bottom pricing and makes life stupid simple. There's also a slightly more expensive solution recommended from BlueHost for $5.95 per month. This is actually quite good as well because BH is a good company and you get domain privacy protection included in that price.
Anyways, the training was quite good as it shows you how to do all of this and how to upload your lead capture pages onto your new domain and hosting easily. This part may frustrate some beginners to an extent because (by nature) it is a foreign process when you are just starting out. But it can be done with some patience and by following the videos. Fear not!

Step 3 | Automation

One of the best ways (not the only way) to be successful online is to build and grow your email list. You've probably heard it many times over by now right? Well, this platform makes your job way easier.
This step shows you how to configure your new lead capture pages and digital info products. The reason being, you are going to be giving people a free gift in return for their email address and Reno provides you with those products to give away. The cool thing is, those products are quite good and of a high quality so your subscribers are going to love you.
Here's the digital products you can offer people for free in return for their email address:

I uploaded the above products and lead capture pages onto a new website so you can see for yourself.
I personally liked the guide on YouTube marketing called "YouTube Excellence". Video marketing has massive potential right now and after going through the content of the product I can safely say it is top shelf as far as a free ebook goes. It is a 52 page guide which (rather than giving you 'secret tricks' to getting rankings) offers genuinely helpful and actionable content on building a successful YouTube channel from scratch.
There's also a cheat sheet, mind map and some other useful resources included which I think is really good value to be giving your subscribers for free. I love this approach because you are leading with value FIRST before asking for any money. This is smart marketing and the right way to build a list.
How does the process work exactly? Let me show you below...
This is a snapshot of the page your potential subscriber will see with the YouTube offer:

When they click the yellow button, this pops up:

Once they subscribe to your list, they land on you thank you page where they can download their free gift as promised. Then, your automatic email follow up series will promote Yoonla CPA offer which I will explain in more detail below. Click the link above to see a 'live' example of this landing page.

Step 4 | Automation

This step is all about setting up you autoresponder follow up series with GR. Reno starts out by explaining how you don't want to be just blasting out emails to your leads about buying stuff. While basic, this is such an important concept to understand right off the bat and it is awesome he teaches people this concept as it builds a solid foundation for your Internet marketing career moving forward.
I won't elaborate on the details of the video since you can easily watch this yourself, but it covers how to get your basic email follow ups in place. The reason you have this follow up series in place is to promote the free Yoonla membership which pays you $2-$4 per lead you bring. More on this shortly.

Step 5 | Traffic

This is the biggest of all the steps so far and has been broken down into sub-steps to make it easier to follow along with. As the name suggests, it's all about traffic. Without traffic you cannot make money online. No matter what you promote. So this is extremely important.
This training is mainly for those wanting to promote Yoonla itself and to do so requires setting up another lead capture page. You can also use the free gift approach, but this training is about promoting it directly. To do so, he recommends a service called Lead Pages which is a well known and very high quality lead capture page system and it works well within the scope of this system. It costs between $25 - $199 per month if you pay annually and it's worth the cost.

That said, it's not the only way to go. I personally use a service called Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder which allows me to do everything LeadPages does and more and it only costs $75 per 3 months for everything.
Setting up Thrive in comparison is a little more tricky though, since you need to upload the plugins into WordPress and split testing/ tracking can be a little more involved. I would only recommend the Thrive route if you know your way around WordPress to some extent, but it's an awesome tool nonetheless and you can create any page the same or better as someone with LeadPages.
Anyway, the remaining training (in a nutshell) is creating your capture pages, split testing, email follow ups and finally, getting traffic. The traffic method Reno suggests is 'solo ads' which I can't say I'm a huge fan of but they can work well depending on the offer and how you go about it.
What are solo ads? Sending your emails to other people's email lists for x amount of dollars.
Specifically, Reno suggests a platform called Udimi which is a popular solo ad marketplace and the good thing about this platform is you get to see real reviews on the sellers which reduces your risk and increases your chances of getting a good ROI on your ad spend.

Foundation Training Summary

I have to say, this was a very well put together training on the basic elements of list building and CPA/ affiliate marketing sales funnels. It's more a 'nuts and bolts' style of training than marketing concepts but this is enough to get you up and running.
Even if you don't buy any of the products recommended, it's well worth creating a free account to snag some of this value and learn some new skills in my opinion.

Create Your FREE Yoonla Membership

Promoting Yoonla

Yoonla has it's own CPA offer in place which pays out $2-$4 just for getting people to submit their name and email into a simple web form. This is higher than the average CPA payout and while that may not sound like much money, it likely converts well since it's free and full of value. It will also add up!
The $2 commissions are earned for any traffic you send that completes the form, while the $4 commission is for those residing in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. The reason being, the quality of traffic is generally higher in those places so they pay you more for it.
There are other products coming to the platform apparently which will pay you 60% commissions on anyone you refer. The 'cookies' last for a year so if you refer a free member in January and they buy something in December, you'll bank the corresponding commission. This could lead to some nice commissions over time.
I personally think this is both an ethical and a profitable thing to promote. I also like how the system leads with free value first before asking for a dime. I think this is a good strategy.

What I Liked

High value training and products for free
Step-by-step on creating capture pages, email follow ups and more
Reno has a good track record online
Teaches people good marketing principals instead of spammy tricks
Potential to make some good money promoting this while building a quality email list
Recommends decent products and services
No fluff or overhyped nonsense you see with many products these days
Active support below each training and through email tickets

What I Didn't Like

Training limited to his product recommendations (understandable though)
Getting some of the logistics of your account setup from admin takes 24-48 hours
Could be more training on promoting the digital products you are given
Relies on paid traffic as it stands and solo ads aren't the best option going in my opinion

The Verdict

After going through the training and seeing how this works, I can safely say it's legit!

Final Thoughts

This platform is still only in it's development stages, but from what I have seen, there is a lot to like about it. The training is thorough, the lead generation tools you are given are of a very high quality and the CPA offer itself is quite a lucrative one. I also think Reno is someone you could learn a lot from and is a marketer that stands out as offering people genuine value.
Whatever you decide, hopefully this has given you some insight into what to expect as a member and make a decision that is right for you. I think this platform offers some exciting potential for people to build an online business and it will be interesting to see how things develop over time.

Create Your FREE Yoonla Membership

I spent years listening to ‘gurus' which kept me broke, frustrated and totally lost. Through sheer determination, I eventually found ONE program that showed me how to build a real online business and start making real money

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